hurra in Spanish it is said cheer . It is also translated hooray! , hoorah! , hurrah! , hurray! , Whoopee! , Yippie! , Yahoo! .

Sentences containing hurra in Spanish

Members of congress paid more attention to each other than to the president, responding with partisan jeers and cheers

Sunny Days are places for children to paint the sky, jump and shout 'hooray' with sheer joy

After graduation today he will shout out one more hoorah before he departs for higher learning

Swept up by the powerful emotion that filled the air, the crowd spontaneously rose to its feet and shouted, "Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!" three times

Grab a bathing suit and shout hurray for summer

'Whoopee!,' shout the press, nobody is going to shed a tear over reducing the income of fat cat lawyers

'Yippie!," shouted Lilli and rushed off home

We all stopped, all the students, kids, and us shouted,'YAHOO!'

Other forms of sentences containing hurra where this translation can be applied

  • hurras

Similar phrases to hurra in spanish

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