¡Dios nos libre! in Spanish it is said heaven forbid . It is also translated God forbid .

Sentences containing ¡Dios nos libre! in Spanish

As far as Hernandez could determine, no one dared to approach him with suggestions for needed changes in library policy or procedure or, heaven forbid, in his personal management style

Disability can affect us all and God forbid you have an accident or something and become disabled ... How would you feel?

Other forms of sentences containing ¡Dios nos libre! where this translation can be applied

  • Dios los libre
  • Dios nos libre
  • Dios te libre
  • Dios les libre
  • Dios os libre
  • Dios le libre
  • Dios me libre
  • Dios la libre
  • Dios las libre

Similar phrases to ¡Dios nos libre! in spanish

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