adelante in Spanish it is said ahead.

Phrases in english containing adelante translated to English

  • ¡adelante! in Spanish is go for it!
  • continuar adelante in Spanish is help + Nombre + get on + Posesivo + feet
  • cuya fecha se determinará más adelante in Spanish is at a time to be determined later
  • desde ahora en adelante in Spanish is from now onward(s)
  • en adelante in Spanish is forward [forwards]
  • inclinarse hacia adelante in Spanish is bend forward
  • sacar adelante in Spanish is bite + the bullet
  • seguir adelante con in Spanish is go forward ; forge + ahead ; forge + forward ; go ahead ; go + straight ahead ; carry through ; move along ; move forward ; press forward (with) ; continue on + Posesivo + way ; move on ; be undeterred ; keep on + going

Sentences containing adelante in Spanish

He glanced casually at the ill-balanced frontages of the buildings ahead that stretched on and on until they melded in an indistinguishable mass of gray at Laurence Street

Other forms of sentences containing adelante where this translation can be applied

  • adelantes

Similar phrases to adelante in spanish

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